Off the map

Here we have some information about particular parts of our route which are difficult to find and of course not are on a map, therefore off the map.
You can find information about hidden roads, their conditions, day distances and of course the according maps.

Chungara to Colchane (Chile)

through Parques National Lauca, Las Vicuñas, Salar de Surire and Isluga

This route description of Iris and Tore leads you through four stunning Nationalparks in the North of Chile where you have almost every night a thermal bath!
We made the route the other way round, no problem with this description.

Link to Iris and Tore

Pisiga to Uyuni (Bolivia)

via Salar de Coipasa, Llica, Isla Incahuasi

With our route description you can get from Pisiga over the Salar Coipasa and the Salar de Uyuni to Uyuni. It’s the connecting part between the descriptions of Iris and Tore.
If you are cyclist and have some questions, comments or new informations about our route description just write us an email to:

Routedescription.doc Google Earth Layer.kmz

Uyuni to San Pedro de Atacama (Bolivia/Chile)

via Laguna Colorada, Sol de mañana, Laguna verde and Laguna blanca

This route description of Iris and Tore leads you from San Pedro de Atacama in Chile to the Salar the Uyuni. We made the route in the other direction and cycled from Uyuni over San Cristobal to Alota, because the roads are better there.
Also Beat Heim from Switzerland did a similar route and he also has a lot of GPS-Waypoints and a good description on his page.

Link to Iris and Tore Link to Betzgi

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